How to better do disinfection process for the Manual Resuscitator?

04/11/2015 17:10

March 30, 2015-America-The Manual Resuscitator which is also known as the recovery ball is suitable for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency situations which require artificial respiration. In particular, this device is suitable for the emergency situations such as choking, dyspnea, or others need to increase the amount of oxygen intake. This device has the advantages such as easy to use, less pain, fewer complications and easy to carry.

Although this device is very convenient, each user should not forget the disinfection and other notes after using. Today, the technician from famous online Silicone masks supplier will tell you related information about those areas.

First, the disinfection

Please first remove each parts of this device in accordance with the order and then people need to soak those parts into the 2% glutaraldehyde alkaline solution for 4 to 6 hours. After former step, please use sterile distilled water to removing all accessories¡¯ residual disinfectant. The gas bag could be simply wiped to achieve the good effect of disinfection and the disinfectant soaking should be totally forbidden as it will cause into damage. In case of special infected patients, please use ethylene oxide fumigation of other special chemical things to achieve good disinfection effect. After the process of sterilizing, all components should be completely dry and check for damage and then those parts should be assembled in sequence.

Other Notes

First, the mask of the resuscitators bags should be closely to nasal to prone to leakage.

Second, if the patient has spontaneous breathing, the action on the resuscitator bags should be synchronized with spontaneous breathing rhythm.

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