Let editor from Hongkong Tenhope introduce with you the main features if their TC05 car GPS tracker

04/10/2015 23:27

March 3, 2015-Hong Kong-Maybe you always worry about the safety of your lovely automobile as today¡¯s public security is not as satisfactory to us. In that case, owning one set of high quality TC05 Car GPS Tracker from www.hktenhope.com which is the famous GPS Tracker should be very necessary thing for each car owner. Today, the professional editor from this company will tell people the detailed technical information about TC05 Car tracker.

First, people must know that the TC05 gps car locator with printer already integrated into the GPS, GSM and GPRS wireless positioning system. On the other hand, it also has the Quad band GMS frequency. All of above strong points can let people use this device all over the world.

Secondly, for the hardware, this device owns both the built-in high sensitive GPS chipset and the high quality GSM & GPS antenna. They ensure the car owner get good tracking effect and the truly real-time tracking

Thirdly, this device also adopts two power supplying methods which are car electric supply and the built-in battery power supply. When people start the car, the car power will automatically supply this device. On the other hand, car owner could also switch the car power supplying mode into the built-in battery power supplying.

Furthermore, this device also has the built-in watchdog function which will help to auto reboot when the real accident happens and the intelligent power saving.

At last, people should not forget that this device¡¯s small size let its installation has high stealthy feature. That is why this car GPS tracker could be come so welcoming among consumers.

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