Main roles of Phosphate in our daily life

04/12/2015 05:59

March 21, 2015-America-Our life could not leave with the function of Phosphate. Maybe you use this substance during everyday but you do not know why we need them. Today, this article from the blog of famous China Phosphate supplier Monosodium Phosphate home will teach people the main functions of the Phosphate in our daily life.

The role of closing the metal ions

Disodium Phosphate could plat the role of chelation with solution of metal ions Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Cu2 +, Fe2 + and others. Then, the soluble chelates will be generated thereby it will reduce the hardness of the solution and prevent the catalyst of metal ions such as Cu2 +, Fe2 + and so. When it acts the chelation function with vegetables and fruit contained Cu2 +, they will be quickly soften and shorten the cooking time and increase the extraction rate of pectin. This substance is particularly suitable for long time keep the fresh level of fruits and vegetables can.


Whether it is the orthophosphate or phosphate, they are all strong buffer which can effectively stabilize the liquid phase medium within a certain range of PH value. That is why they could be used as the food modifier. The appropriately selecting and using for them could effectively control the PH value of food within the regulated area. Then, it will make food taste more delicious.

Protein Role

The Phosphate has very good enhancing the protein so it could increase hydration and water retention and water penetration of the meat. At the same time, it could help to promote and improve the quality of the food to soften food and then maintain good flavor of food. On the other hand, the Monopotassium Phosphate can prevent aggregation during heating of milk.


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